Right Attitudes

Energy and it’s importance in daily life

Paramhansa Yogananda has written that the right exercise of will, Energization Exercises, recharges dying tissue cells and worn out mental facilities and helps form billions of new cells. These exercises are the cornerstone of the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda. Doing them make you feel Awake and ready. He used to walk into the hall and ask everyone – How IS … Read More


Stories about the Master

Of course, my memories of him are only the last years of his life, whereas I heard many stories about him from early, early on. And they also were thrilling stories- how he would come on the lecture platform, full of energy! He would demand that his audiences greet him! Rise to his level of energy! He didn’t want any … Read More

Right Attitudes

Tithing as A Spiritual Practice

God’s grace flows in during challenging times The first payment was 390 dollars and we ( Lalita and I) thought we will have to go and get another job because we definitely couldn’t cover another 390 dollars in the money we were getting through Ananda. I was working at Master’s Market at the time – full time – so that … Read More


How to deal with Negative energies

But he did it for their benefit, to get them to try to find a way. Some of those succeeded and some of them didn’t. But Swami also said, “If you have it…”, using the image of a line graph, “…if you have a test that kind of takes exerting that much energy, the way to overcome it is, you … Read More

Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Adventurousness

In June 2018, the Monastery in India moved from Pune to Khandala (a hill station town between Pune & Mumbai). The decision to shift to Khandala was taken by my head monk Nayaswami Devarshi. The Ananda Monks leading a kirtan in Ananda Village, 2019 He saw the need to have a much clearer focus and magnetism That wasn’t possible while … Read More

Talk by Swami Kriyananda

The Need for a Guru

We are discussing the Bhagavad Gita – the greatest scripture of the world because there’s all Truth condensed in so few pages. The Bhagavat Gita is a colloquy, a dialogue, between Krishna who is the Divine Guru and also the Representative of God and the disciple Arjuna. And how does the Guru represent God? I needed help I remember when … Read More

Talk by Swami Kriyananda

Practicing the Presence of God

We don’t really understand things with our mind. We can know reasons for them but understanding comes from the heart. Usha has written a beautiful book in which she points out the importance of the heart. A woman had a heart transplant. No one was supposed to know whose heart it was. She found certain things happening to her that … Read More


Overcoming a Problem Through Superconscious Solution

Look for the positive solution Let us remember that even in the worst of situations, if we try to look for the positive solution that will actually work – which will be good for us and good for maybe another person or the whole situation we can find these things unfolding because we’ve invited in a higher consciousness. We’ve invited … Read More