Stories by Devotees

Did Bhrigu Make a Mistake?

Thousands of years ago he made many predictions about Swami Kriyananda’s life that have proved to be true. However, he implied that Swami Kriyananda would live to be 83 years old. Swami Kriyananda lived instead to be 86 years old. Did Bhrigu make a mistake? Well there are bad astrologers in every time and in every clime. What of it? … Read More

Monks in White
Stories of Swami Kriyananda

It’s a Success!

After the monks in India had been wearing white for a while, Swamiji decided that the monks who had taken the Brahmachari vows should wear Ananda yellow. He gave us a sample piece of cloth so that we would know exactly what shade of yellow to wear. There was only one problem: the sample contained many different shades of yellow! … Read More

Jemal Meditating
Meditation and Kriya Yoga

A Fun Experiment for the Technical Yogi

A few years ago, I was being filmed for an advertisement. The clip was a high definition video of me meditating. No problem, I thought, I meditate every day. When the video was released, I was appalled: there was an up-close high definition video of me fidgeting about, instead of meditating! This experience made me wonder two things; one, where … Read More