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What is the Purpose of Evil?
By Paramhansa Yogananda

What is the Purpose of Evil?

“Master,” inquired a disciple, “what purpose does evil serve in God’s creation? Surely the Lord is a God of goodness and love. Is it possible that, as certain modern writers claim, He doesn’t know evil?”
Sri Yogananda chuckled. “God would have to be very stupid not to know evil!...
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Swami Kriyananda, Still Touching Hearts
By Hezequiel Castelli

Swami Kriyananda, Still Touching Hearts

One of the most inspiring characteristics of Swami Kriyananda was his ability to be perfectly holy and perfectly appropriate in every situation he found himself in—whether he was giving a lecture in front of two thousand people, or talking to the clerk of a randomly-picked street shop. The result was always the same: the other party left the encounter inspired and energized.

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