Many Faces of Divine Mother

During this season of Navaratri and this time of year especially is a good time to be speaking about God in the aspect of Divine Mother. The approach that we take to God can sometimes be as father, it can be as friend, as beloved but I think one of the sweetest ways to approach God is as the Divine … Read More

Hold Him Tight

My eyes gazing into His, and as if, holding His hand in a tight grip, I fervently kept praying to my Guru, Paramhansa Yogananda, for wading me out of the tormenting turbulence. Unbelievably, a slight sore throat and mild fever over three days were actually the signs of COVID-19 infection and this had, for a moment, shaken me! The positive … Read More

Effective Prayer

A woman once asked Swami Kriyananda to pray for her son who had been critically injured.  She was deeply distraught by her own inability to pray without her mind wandering to worldly affairs, even in a  moment of family crisis.  Her mind, in the midst of her prayers, insisted upon drifting toward trivia,  “What do I need to prepare for … Read More

Tools of the Light

The fight is on, yet again, between the two mighty warriors! One is the most advanced life form on this planet, superior to all creatures in intellect and having the prowess to manipulate anything to satisfy the survival instinct, while the second player is no less insignificant for it has, through the scourges of yester years, shown its power to … Read More

The Guru: Think Him Near, Draw Him Near

Many blessings to everyone on this special day of Paramhansa Yoganandaji’s birthday! As humans, sometimes we feel lonely, we want to have our guru with us, we want to touch his feet, and we want to come close to him. Well, we have to uplift ourselves to be able to do that we have to raise our consciousness; we have … Read More

Blessed Are the Pure in Heart

I didn’t understand what the small girl in her mother’s arms was saying. I was staying with Ananda friends in Argentina, where little girls speak only Spanish, while I speak only English. Miranda was 2-3 years old, and very shy towards this stranger staying in her home with her parents. Miranda pointed to me, and with the quiet authority that … Read More

How I Got Devotion

For most Indians, having faith in God is easy, we are born with it. I feel it was the same for me too. Everybody would stress on the importance of devotion and I would think, “Well, that is not a problem”. When I came to Ananda, took Kriya initiation and started with my spiritual practice there was lot of excitement … Read More

Mountains and Valleys

The Grace of Sorrow

These heart-touching words are of a song by Paramhansa Yogananda that convey to us with utmost clarity the heart-cries of a sorrow-stricken devotee whose only aspiration is to unite with the Divine whether it happens just the next day or he may have to wait for a thousand years! But the question is that why do most people do not … Read More

Gopali Ma

Radhe, Radhe!

Taken by Center Everywhere ( “Radhe, Radhe!” We greeted the saintly Gopali Maa in the traditional way, as we stepped into her humble room in Radhakund, near Krishna’s boyhood town of Vrindavan. The Ananda Monastery monks journeyed to Vrindavan to serve the widows who are supported by the Paramhansa Yogananda Public Charitable Trust. We were joined by Ananda friends from … Read More


A Spirit of Oneness

During a nature walk on the retreat day of the Ananda Pilgrimage to Babaji’s cave (Oct 2018), my senses were drawn to a small plateau-like elevation with two trees growing together from it – like twins – sharing, as if going along in life together. Somehow, this took my attention to our group of pilgrims: East, West, North, South – … Read More

Holding Hands

Yearning for Thee

“I Love You!” coos assuringly the heart of a lover; whispers lovingly the heart of a mother; emphasizes promisingly the heart of a friend and goes on the infinite variants of a pure and intense call from one heart to the heart of another! What happens, though, when life’s bitter challenges fade the colour of seemingly ever-lasting love between the … Read More