Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Adventurousness

In June 2018, the Monastery in India moved from Pune to Khandala (a hill station town between Pune & Mumbai). The decision to shift to Khandala was taken by my head monk Nayaswami Devarshi. The Ananda Monks leading a kirtan in Ananda Village, 2019 He saw the need to have a much clearer focus and magnetism That wasn’t possible while … Read More

Talk by Swami Kriyananda

Practicing the Presence of God

We don’t really understand things with our mind. We can know reasons for them but understanding comes from the heart. Usha has written a beautiful book in which she points out the importance of the heart. A woman had a heart transplant. No one was supposed to know whose heart it was. She found certain things happening to her that … Read More

Right Attitudes

The Best Way To Serve On The Spiritual Path

Sri Yukteshwar said, when someone was balking at some area of service, “When you are too good for this world, you will be adorning a higher one”. And you can just in that word “adorning” get his sarcasm, his dry humour. So, he said, “As long as you breathe the free air of Earth, you’re under obligation to render grateful … Read More

Swamiji holding Yogananda's Murti
Talk by Swami Kriyananda

How should we worship God?

There are many fine points to be considered here. The first is love is centered in the heart, so we should concentrate on developing the energy in the heart but then what do you direct that energy to. The Srimad Bhagavatam gives this technique to think of the heart as the lotus and turn the petals of the lotus upward … Read More

Balanced Living

From Delusion to Ecstasy

Caught up in a spider’s web and fluttering its wings vigourously, I saw a butterfly in distress while walking down the green belt, near my home, one morning. The call of my winged friend, crying for help, rang loud on my ears. A few quick steps through the tall grass and weeds, crossing the boundaries of ‘self’, I reached out … Read More

Talk by Swami Kriyananda


The structure is much less important than the spirit. I haven’t really paid much attention to structure. The reason for that is that when I was in SRF, that was the monastery I was in for 14 years, and I was in charge of all the monasteries in the world and quite naturally I tried to create a system of … Read More

Ego Transcendence

Don’t be self-involved

It was December of 2009 and Swamiji had just returned from Italy. I was living at our Ananda Ashram in Gurgaon which we knew as B-10/8. As soon as Swamiji returned and was settling into his house known as Guru Kripa, I wrote to Swamiji asking him many questions about future directions I could take. I used to ask for … Read More

Talk by Swami Kriyananda

Ananda’s Role in Master’s Mission

So what is the purpose of Ananda? We have a beautiful community and people say well then, we must make a more beautiful community. Maybe and maybe not. Honestly, it wouldn’t matter if we were in mud huts and walking on mud roads if we all meditated and loved God individually. The purpose of Ananda is not to create a … Read More