Ego Transcendence

Godliness in Giving

A beautiful pair of colourful birds came to have a bread-bite on my terrace, at the break of dawn one summer morning. Capturing the ensuing moments in the camera of my eyes, I saw the bird with a brighter plumage, possibly the male of the two, delightfully picking up a tiny bit that its beak could hold. But he was being … Read More

Spiritual Growth

How to begin on the spiritual path

To start being Spiritual, I would say start looking at the heart. Don’t look for examples of Religion and Spirituality. They are very different from each other. Spirituality is your inner consciousness.  Religion is your outer behaviour. Spirituality begins when you start thinking what is true. How can I find what life is all about? Do I fit in? You … Read More

Right Attitudes

Superconsciousness is Not For Wimps

Let’s start with super consciousness. What are some of the definitions that we know of the term super consciousness? A state of bliss, of intense awareness, of intuitive perceptions, of freedom, of unity. When you have definitions like these, I want that but then then I look at some of these definitions and I try to really compare to where … Read More

Your Questions Answered

Where does the pain in suffering come from?

Most of the pain, let me say ninety-five percent of the pain, that we are feeling about any situation is not the pain of the situation itself. It is the pain of our negative reaction or our attachment to that situation. So is it fantasy to say – I can control my reaction. Is it fantasy to say – I … Read More

Nature & Spirituality

The Sacred Pause

Hither and thither our mind takes us, and we spend our life’s precious moments in mundane, multifarious activities. A day’s routine may have for a student a mad rush for reaching the school or college in time, attending classes, doing homework, going for tuitions, playing with friends, watching the television whereas for an adult it may be either doing all … Read More


How can we ensure that we don’t keep slipping into negative consciousness?

Nayaswami Jyotish: That’s a good and very important question. Let’s first look at this in terms of brain physiology and the neuroscience of the brain. Paramhansa Yoganandji said that every thought is real, that it is an energy just as electricity is an energy. He said that every thought creates a little bit of a groove in the brain and … Read More

Talk by Swami Kriyananda

Attracting God’s Healing Power

Never treat your body with disrespect; it isn’t only your body, it’s the temple of God. Instead of only going on pilgrimages, make the pilgrimage to your own heart by daily meditation. Try to feel that wherever you are God is with you; wherever you are God has to come to you. He doesn’t come only by going to spiritual … Read More

Karma and Reincarnation

Reincarnation is God’s Gift

We recently explored the theme of ‘Reincarnation’ with children in our weekly online Family Joy sessions. We did it over two meetings and it was not only great fun, but also very expansive. We used play dough to understand the concept of reincarnation. How the same play dough could be fashioned into many different objects of different shapes and sizes. … Read More