Right Attitudes

The Nature of Right Action – Humility

So while we grow in wisdom through our experiences, through divine grace and understanding, we need to keep steadfast on the path and especially steadfast in attunement to one that has attained freedom. Because the warning here is in a sense ominous. It says “the wise men devoted to self-control” – that even that unconditional surrender of our desires, our … Read More

Stories of the Masters

Lahiri Mahashaya – An Example for the Truth Seeker

Lahiri Mahasaya’s birth is so significant because without his birth and without his life, we would not be here, meditating today. We would not have the Kriya yoga technique. Not only was he so integral in getting Kriya available to many people, but he was also an example of how Kriya yoga is applied in our daily life. He was … Read More

Spiritual Growth

The Inner Kingdom

“Krishna in the Bhagavad-Gita therefore urges his chief disciple Arjuna to embrace the yoga science- the path of meditation.  The yogi, he says is greater than the ascetic, greater even than the followers of the path of wisdom-Gyan Yoga or the Path of Action-Karma Yoga. Be Thou O Arjuna, a Yogi.” – Excerpt from week 22 of the book “Rays … Read More

Bhagavad Gita

The Gita is compassionate towards us

The verse we will focus on today is verse 11 of Chapter 12 from “The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita”. However, we will also be looking at some of the preceding verses because they are connected. These verses highlight how kind and compassionate Gita is towards the devotees. All devotees like us are trying our best to find God. Paramahansa … Read More

Spiritual Growth

The Mystery of Avatara, or Divine Incarnation

God’s intention behind sending an avatar is to fulfill a divine mission. People need help and God wants to help them. So he has to send someone who is already free and who already has the answers. Just as when you go into math class, you don’t just pick a student you know well and ask him to take a … Read More

Ego Transcendence

Inner Transformation

Many people wonder, “Is it really possible to change ourselves in a fundamental way? No matter what we do, do we eventually revert to where we started, to our old habit patterns—like the dieter who loses weight and then repeatedly gains all of that weight back again? Overcoming an old habit pattern can seem an impossible task. When I was … Read More


A Tale of an Ancient Monastery

Once upon a time there was a remote monastery in the desert. The temple was carved out of the stone. There were a dozen simple monks who spent their days in prayer and meditation. One evening they were having dinner in silence as usual. Suddenly the silence was shattered with a cry of agony from the head monk. His eyes … Read More

Talk by Swami Kriyananda

Overcoming Harmful Emotions

Emotions are harmful if they keep us from what we really want. Very often jealousy destroys love. Very often fear destroys the ability to succeed. All emotions in a sense are harmful if they upset the mind. Therefore, what we need to understand is that emotions themselves are upset or ruffled feeling. Feeling is the intuitive part of our nature, … Read More


Live like Yogananda Series: Generosity

We are discussing the chapter on Salient characteristics of Yogananda from Swami Kriyananda’s Biography of Paramhansa Yogananda. We are calling it ‘Live like Yogananda Series’ and will be discussing Generosity today. What Swami writes here is “Master’s generosity extended far beyond mere money or material gifts. It included, also, for example, allowing others to have the last word, deferring to … Read More