I learnt about Superconsciousness from Swami Kriyananda

I witnessed for four years what it meant to be in a superconscious state while serving Swami Kriyananda, and through him, I got a glimpse of it. There were so many ways in which he expressed outwardly that state of superconsciousness. We could write a long list , but for now, let’s mention just three of them, that nowadays I … Read More


Rajarshi Jankananda – A Modern Saint (Part 2)

This week has been a very inspiring week for me, because in the last few days I have been reading from Rajarsri’s life. And I have felt deeply moved not only for what he brought to the world, to the work, to Yogananda’s mission, but for what he brought personally to Yogananda. We know that we are all equal in … Read More

Health & Healing

7 Practices to Strengthen Yourself in Challenging Times

What interesting times we are living in! Whoever thought we’d see something like this in our lifetime — like the plot of a movie. A mix of fear, combined with a great awareness of the need for a change in our lifestyle, is sweeping through all beings and nations. The buzz-word right now seems to be “social distancing” — not … Read More

Book Cover My Heart Remembers Swami Kriyananda
Stories by Devotees

The Year of “My Heart Remembers Swami Kriyananda”

This year, for us, can be most aptly described as the year of “My Heart Remembers Swami Kriyananda.” When Swamiji asked me, towards the end of his life, to write a book about my time with him, it felt like a “mission impossible.” But he had planted a seed in my consciousness, and sooner or later it had to bear … Read More