Some Tips to Help Your Meditation

Group Meditating

1. Pray

Begin your meditation with a prayer and invite the Masters to meditate with you.

2. Maintain Right Posture

Two things are essential: Your spine must be straight, and you must be able to relax completely. You can sit either in a straight-backed chair or on the floor in a comfortable seated posture.

3. Sit still

Any physical movement will distract the inward and upward flow of energy, causing restlessness. Refuse to move for the first five minutes of meditation, and you will find that your body will grow calm of its own accord. Devotee Meditating

4. Eye Position

Your eyes are closed and held steady, looking slightly upwards, as if looking at a distant mountain peak. Focus your attention at the point between the eyebrows, also knowns as the spiritual eye.

5. Observe Your Breath

Avoid controlling the breath during the practice. Let it flow naturally.

6. How Long to Practice

For a beginner, 12-15 minutes is a good start but stay as long as you can enjoy the practice. After practicing the technique, remember to spend an equal amount of time communing inwardly with the inner silence. Close the meditation by expanding the light and blessings you have received to the world. Decorated Altar

7. Where to Meditate

If possible, set aside an area that is used only for meditation. Keep the chosen area well ventilated, fragrant, and inspiring. Face East, if possible, and place a wool or silk blanket on the floor to insulate your body from the subtle magnetic currents of the earth.

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