Right Attitudes

Judge not

Swami Kriyananda was meditating in the Portiuncula (in a town near Assisi, Italy where St. Francis used to live). He prayed to St. Francis and all of a sudden felt his presence and a great blessing. He said he had never imagined that it was possible for a human consciousness to be so sweet. And he asked St. Francis, “How … Read More

Art & Music

An Experience of Swami’s Music

It was my first time being part of the Ananda choir! In March 2013, we had a few celebratory events with Swami Kriyananda at his home outside Pune. He was scheduled to leave for Assisi after these programs so many people had gathered from all around the world to be in his presence. I had been listening and tuning into … Read More

Art & Music

Why I paint

Why do most of us struggle with staying creative and fresh as adults? Everyone is creative, not just a select few with outward talent. It is an innate quality in all of us, it doesn’t disappear over time. All we need to do is keep it alive and learn to work with this creative energy in us. Swami Kriyananda emphasized … Read More

Preparatory Art Exercise
Art & Music

Generating the Courage to Paint

“I can’t do this!” she said as she held the paint brush in her hand, about to begin her painting. A few months ago, we were offering an art workshop and, as a group, we all had gone through preparatory exercises to enable participants to become comfortable with a creative process. We also offered activities to raise our level of … Read More

Swami Kriyananda with Shamini
Spiritual Growth

“But you can take the metro”

Things in life have come to me quite easily. Seldom have I had to fight against all odds for them to work out. When I came onto the spiritual path there were advantages and disadvantages to this because, as we know, the spiritual path is a long-distance marathon with lots of ups and downs; it is not a short sunny … Read More