Devotion and Prayer

Devotion – the greatest cleanser

Swami Sri Yukteshwar ji talks about Devotion in His book – Holy Science. He clearly says “not a single step can be put on the spiritual path unless the natural love of the heart is awakened”. Indirectly He is saying that don’t even bother about the rest, if your heart is not involved in it 😊. Yoganandaji said, kriya plus … Read More

Nature & Spirituality

Say Yes to Life? May be not!

One morning, with a friend, we were discussing a dilemma she was facing. In the teachings there is a saying “Say Yes to life“. But in the situation she didn’t feel it was her dharma to do so. And we were wondering if it was okay to say “No”. We concluded that if for her it doesn’t feel right, then … Read More

Right Attitudes

Stay Home!

At a school that I was a part of, we were having a workshop. My friend who was also the director of the school, asked us to draw our “Home”. We all drew beautiful houses, some drew humble abodes, some a little more majestic. Some took extra effort to add beauty by adding colored roofs, elegant curtains, landscaping around. Later … Read More

Paining by Sumakshi Singh, renowned Kriyaban artist from Ananda Gurgaon
Spiritual Growth

Antar Yatra – The Pilgrimage Within

There was a time in my life, when things weren’t going very well. I desperately needed a break from the environment. It was December. In Delhi, it is the beginning of winter. So, I was wondering where I could go to escape people. Eureka! I decided to hike up to mount Triund hill: a 4 hours hike from Dharamsala. It … Read More

Flying Birds
Meditation and Kriya Yoga

Sandhyakal (Dusk) – Time to return Home

One evening, I was walking in a park near my apartment in Gurgaon. In spite of being in the city, it is quite a large park, home for many birds of different kinds. I was enjoying my walk, looking at the sunset. The Sun almost went away, leaving the pleasant light of dusk. At that very moment, I heard a … Read More

Swami Kriyananda Shrine

Monk Satsang with Swamiji

Swamiji used to have regular satsangs with the monks. I was able to attend such a one. I remember that without wasting much time he asked us to settle down and ask any questions that we may have. I was new then and was eager to find a way to deepen my connection to the Masters. I had heard that … Read More

Swami Kriyananda Shrine

Swamiji’s Walkway

In the evening, Swamiji would go for a short walk just outside his home at the Pune retreat. His nurse had suggested that this would aid his physical fitness. But even that short walk was very long for Swamiji’s body. To make it easier for him a sitting area was made towards the end of the walk way, where Swamiji … Read More

Devotion Cabin Expanding Light
How to be Happy

Superconsciousness – 5 Minutes Away

It was my first year at Ananda. I heard many people talking about the importance of seclusion. So I decided to go on one myself. I booked a nice remote cabin at The Meditation Retreat at Ananda Village. I was to be there for 5 days. All by myself. The first few hours after reaching there were very nice. It … Read More