In the evening, Swamiji would go for a short walk just outside his home at the Pune retreat. His nurse had suggested that this would aid his physical fitness. But even that short walk was very long for Swamiji’s body. To make it easier for him a sitting area was made towards the end of the walk way, where Swamiji could sit and take a pause before returning.

Swamiji would have a few others join him on this walk. And this pause along with others sitting by him would often become an impromptu inspiration meeting. And many such has led to significant projects, solutions to existing work, fruits of which we are still enjoying and many will continue to enjoy in upcoming future. Lessons in Self-Realization was such a one!

From his sitting area he could watch over the entire retreat area. Also the road that led to the monastery. Many of the monks got involved in some project or another as Swamiji saw them walking from the monastery while he was enjoying his pause.

A great place to sit for an instant dose of inspiration!

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