Stories about the Master

Of course, my memories of him are only the last years of his life, whereas I heard many stories about him from early, early on. And they also were thrilling stories- how he would come on the lecture platform, full of energy! He would demand that his audiences greet him! Rise to his level of energy! He didn’t want any … Read More

Talk by Swami Kriyananda

The Need for a Guru

We are discussing the Bhagavad Gita – the greatest scripture of the world because there’s all Truth condensed in so few pages. The Bhagavat Gita is a colloquy, a dialogue, between Krishna who is the Divine Guru and also the Representative of God and the disciple Arjuna. And how does the Guru represent God? I needed help I remember when … Read More

Talk by Swami Kriyananda

Practicing the Presence of God

We don’t really understand things with our mind. We can know reasons for them but understanding comes from the heart. Usha has written a beautiful book in which she points out the importance of the heart. A woman had a heart transplant. No one was supposed to know whose heart it was. She found certain things happening to her that … Read More

Swamiji holding Yogananda's Murti
Talk by Swami Kriyananda

How should we worship God?

There are many fine points to be considered here. The first is love is centered in the heart, so we should concentrate on developing the energy in the heart but then what do you direct that energy to. The Srimad Bhagavatam gives this technique to think of the heart as the lotus and turn the petals of the lotus upward … Read More

Talk by Swami Kriyananda


The structure is much less important than the spirit. I haven’t really paid much attention to structure. The reason for that is that when I was in SRF, that was the monastery I was in for 14 years, and I was in charge of all the monasteries in the world and quite naturally I tried to create a system of … Read More

Yogananda and Children
Talk by Swami Kriyananda

Ananda’s Role in Master’s Mission

So what is the purpose of Ananda? We have a beautiful community and people say well then, we must make a more beautiful community. Maybe and maybe not. Honestly, it wouldn’t matter if we were in mud huts and walking on mud roads if we all meditated and loved God individually. The purpose of Ananda is not to create a … Read More

Devotion and Prayer

Effective Prayer Requires Affirmation, Not Petition

A classic book by Arthur M. Abell, Talks with Great Composers, published in 1955 by Philosophical Library, reports fascinating conversations Abell had with a number of nineteenth-century composers on the question of how they got their inspirations. Johannes Brahms stated that he received his inspirations, always in a prayerful state. During those times of inner upliftment, he said, he felt … Read More

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Health & Healing

The Virtue of Disease

We know that disease is an obstacle on the path to God. It is very hard to find God when the body is aching and we feel all kinds of physical disharmony. Disease, further-more, is of a threefold nature, just as man is a triune being. Man has a body; man has a mind; and man has a soul. Disease … Read More

Lord Shiva
Yoga Philosophy

Shiva, the Great God

In wild and lonely places you may find him even now: Shiva, the Great God. Usually he is absorbed in deep meditation. And you won’t be likely to mistake him for anyone else. Well, at first glance he does look something like a beggar. His skin is covered with wood ash. His clothing is poor and skimpy. Beggar-like, too, he … Read More

Young Swami Kriyananda Reading a Book

A letter to Fellow Disciples

(I wrote this letter years ago as a Christmas present to my fellow disciples in the monastic order of Self-Realization Fellowship, in Los Angeles. I have been uncertain whether to adapt this letter to the general reader, or to offer it to him substantially as I wrote it, asking him rather to adapthis mind to what might impress him as … Read More

Book Cover Bhagavad Gita
Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita (5:27,28)

In the Bhagavad Gita (5:27,28), the Lord says: “The muni controls his senses, mind, and intellect, removing himself from contact with them by neutralizing the currents of prana and apana in the spine, which manifest as inhalation and exhalation in the nostrils. He fixes his gaze in the forehead, at a point midway between the two eyebrows. Such a one … Read More

Paramhansa Yogananda Side
Stories of the Masters

Sweet Compassion

Andy Anderson worked as a foreman on several of Yogananda’s construction projects. Swami Kriyananda narrates the following story. During the months while Andy supervised our work at India Center, he developed a deep love for Master. Master, in return, was touched by Andy’s devotion, and by his simple, kindly nature. As Christmas 1950 approached, Andy took pains to buy his … Read More