Live like Yogananda Series: Generosity

We are discussing the chapter on Salient characteristics of Yogananda from Swami Kriyananda’s Biography of Paramhansa Yogananda. We are calling it ‘Live like Yogananda Series’ and will be discussing Generosity today. What Swami writes here is “Master’s generosity extended far beyond mere money or material gifts. It included, also, for example, allowing others to have the last word, deferring to … Read More

Talk by Swami Kriyananda

Attaining the state of Jeevan Mukta

I bow to that infinite guru, in all forms including your forms because that infinite one, although playing at being a man or a woman; playing at being a certain age; playing at having a certain role in life; it’s all a play. Who you really are; is the infinite Brahman. You are that supreme spirit, dwelling momentarily in this … Read More


Rajarshi Jankananda – A Modern Saint (Part 2)

This week has been a very inspiring week for me, because in the last few days I have been reading from Rajarsri’s life. And I have felt deeply moved not only for what he brought to the world, to the work, to Yogananda’s mission, but for what he brought personally to Yogananda. We know that we are all equal in … Read More


Rajarshi Jankananda – A Modern Saint (Part 1)

There’s a very standard pattern most lives of most Saints kind of take. And it’s that romantic pattern that we all know. What is it? From a very early childhood, they’re already different. They’re already tuning inward. They’re already not interested in many of the things the world has to offer. And then at a very young age, they find … Read More


Ressurection of Sri Yukteshwar

Today we’re honoring Sri Yukteswar’s resurrection and it is an extraordinary event. It’s an extraordinary thing. It’s a dream, this reality that we think is so real. We’re so caught up in it. We’re so worried, we’re so wondering how it’s all going to turn out. How are the kids gonna be, how’s the weather, how’s the finances, how’s the … Read More

Stories by Devotees

O God Beautiful

Today’s topic is one that I have to confess is not my forte perhaps. The title is ‘O God Beautiful’ that I can relate to but we are going to talk about beauty and expressing beauty. Something I can say is since I got married, people who know me started to say “Ah Bara! Now that you are married, suddenly … Read More

Devotion and Prayer

Hold Him Tight

My eyes gazing into His, and as if, holding His hand in a tight grip, I fervently kept praying to my Guru, Paramhansa Yogananda, for wading me out of the tormenting turbulence. Unbelievably, a slight sore throat and mild fever over three days were actually the signs of COVID-19 infection and this had, for a moment, shaken me! The positive … Read More

Spiritual Growth

How Saints Are Made

As a teenager I spent some months working in a paint factory, where paint was mass produced. Today I feel like I’m living in a saint factory in India, as I hear first-hand accounts every day of heroic love and selfless giving. Of course, one can’t mass produce saints like paints. But we are now seeing so many souls rising … Read More

Devotion and Prayer

Effective Prayer

A woman once asked Swami Kriyananda to pray for her son who had been critically injured.  She was deeply distraught by her own inability to pray without her mind wandering to worldly affairs, even in a  moment of family crisis.  Her mind, in the midst of her prayers, insisted upon drifting toward trivia,  “What do I need to prepare for … Read More

Talk by Swami Kriyananda

Overcoming Worry

Well worry is like static. Worry is like that distortion which distorts reality and keeps you from being able to see and take care of whatever it is that you need to face and overcome in your life. But there’s another aspect to it too and that is whatever power you have, needs to be brought to bear on whatever … Read More