Devotion and Prayer

Effective Prayer

A woman once asked Swami Kriyananda to pray for her son who had been critically injured.  She was deeply distraught by her own inability to pray without her mind wandering to worldly affairs, even in a  moment of family crisis.  Her mind, in the midst of her prayers, insisted upon drifting toward trivia,  “What do I need to prepare for … Read More

Swami Kriyananda Younger
Success & Magnetism

Magnetism – a Subtle Power of Attraction

I first met Swami Kriyananda on an October evening in Berkeley, California in 1968, a few months after my graduation from college. I was waiting on a sidewalk with a few others for someone to unlock the building where that evening’s class was to be held, the first in a series on hatha yoga and raja yoga led by Swami … Read More

Spiritual Growth

Nurture a Stillness of Heart

Baba Hari Dass was a sadhu and spiritual teacher from North India who observed the spiritual discipline of “maun” (complete silence). His was not a life of seclusion but rather one of vigorous activity as an author, builder, and joyful teacher. When circumstances demanded, he communicated with a small chalkboard upon which he scribbled cryptic notes, and though his voice … Read More

Jaya Meditating
Meditation and Kriya Yoga

Stillness is the Altar of Spirit

As a child in Los Angeles, Nayaswami Dhyana, Ananda Sangha India’s Spiritual Co-Director, attended church every Sunday with her mother. African American congregations are noted for their exuberance and lively spirit and her church was no exception. Dhyanaji once laughingly commented upon her minister’s Sunday discourse on the oft-quoted Biblical verse, “Be still and know that I am God.” “I … Read More

Beauty Nature Trail
Balanced Living

I Walk with Beauty

  One of my favorite prayers comes from the “Blessing Ceremony” of the Navajo people, the largest tribal nation in America. With beauty before me I walk. With beauty behind me I walk. With beauty below me I walk. With beauty above me I walk. With beauty all around me may I walk. Through the returning seasons, may I walk. … Read More

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Spiritual Service - Karma Yoga

Ananda Seva – Practical Suggestions

Within our path of Kriya Yoga, we give great emphasis to balancing our lives: on the one side with the practice of meditation, deepening our inner life; on the other side, by doing service, spiritualizing our outward life. We have many teachings and materials on how to develop our inner life, but what does it mean to serve within our … Read More