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Right Attitudes

Superconsciousness is Not For Wimps

Let’s start with super consciousness. What are some of the definitions that we know of the term super consciousness? A state of bliss, of intense awareness, of intuitive perceptions, of freedom, of unity. When you have definitions like these, I want that but then then I look at some of these definitions and I try to really compare to where … Read More


Rajarshi Jankananda – A Modern Saint (Part 1)

There’s a very standard pattern most lives of most Saints kind of take. And it’s that romantic pattern that we all know. What is it? From a very early childhood, they’re already different. They’re already tuning inward. They’re already not interested in many of the things the world has to offer. And then at a very young age, they find … Read More


A Pilgrimage called Life

There are a few aspects of a pilgrimage that can help us understand how to have a successful life. We recently undertook a pilgrimage to Babaji’s cave which helped me solidify a few of those ideas. Here are three that I share with you. Have a clear Destination Many of us have heard or read these words on a postcard … Read More

Spiritual Community

One United Ray

The glue that holds Ananda together is one of friendship. Our entire worldwide work has no legal cohesion. We are not one legal entity, but many. Swami Kriyananda specifically wanted the communities to be run autonomously from one another. In keeping with this individualistic expression of Ananda, especially in each country, what, apart from the teachings themselves, will unite the … Read More