Spiritual Growth

Getting To Stillness

How does one get to the stillness at will? This question often teases us in our spiritual journey. Sometimes you have a deep meditation experience, and for a brief while, there is the experience of stillness and oblivion as to the passage of time. The moment you rise from the meditation seat, however, the world rushes in, clamoring for attention, … Read More

Jyotish Aarti
Spiritual Growth

The Purpose of Walking the Spiritual Path

Why should we follow the spiritual path? Why not live life eating, drinking, shopping, making money, partying and pampering our senses? After all, this world too has been made by God, and He has placed us in positions in our family, society and in the world. So why not get to God through enjoying the material world and its pleasures? … Read More

How to be Happy

Finding the Joy Within – A Pilgrimage to Babaji’s Cave

The object of meditation is not just to find the stillness within. We all know the sacred command from Psalms in the Bible, ‘Be still and know that I am God‘. The ultimate goal of meditation is to stay in that stillness, so that we can touch the ever-present joy within. Let me share a recent experience. We were a … Read More