Flowers Along my Path: A Pilgrimage to Badrinath

A Spiritual Celebration For a very long time, taking a pilgrimage to the Himalayas has been a cherished dream. My idling wish materialized at a crucial point in life when I needed it most. This journey reshaped me in many ways and was a divine celebration of my spiritual journey. The Himalayas have been the abode of sages, saints and … Read More

Stories by Devotees

Flowers Along My Path: Remembering Hassi Ma and Her Joy

Hassi has been a dear member of our spiritual family. After a briefperiod of illness, she left her body peacefully on the 27th of August 2019 in her Kolkata home. Her day of passing coincides with the Mahasamadhi of Anandamoyee Ma. We fondly remember Hassi, and the divine friendship that she shared with all whom she met. Her son Manash … Read More

Swami Blessing Latha
Stories of Swami Kriyananda

Flowers along my Path: A few moments with Swamiji

This month we celebrate the anniversary of Swamiji’s meeting Master and how they touched our lives in profound and lasting ways. I would like to share with you some of my brief interactions with Swamiji and what I learned from those moments.The first time I saw Swamiji was at the Metropolitan Mall in Gurgaon. I felt a deep sense of … Read More