Right Attitudes

Tithing as A Spiritual Practice

Nayaswami Trimurti: Tithing helps us become balanced and whole The aspect of tithing is an interesting practice because we all come with individual karma as to how we perceive money, how we perceive our spiritual life, how we perceive what our path specifically is in this life…. so for many of us as devotees we may have strong devotion and … Read More

Badri with Daughter Tulsi
Spiritual Parenting and Education

The Yoga of Parenting

Badri Matlock is a devoted disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda and Kriya Yogi of over ten years. He resides at Ananda Village in California where he serves in community management, and loves to play. He is blessed beyond measure by his great Guru, extraordinary spiritual family, and especially by his wife Gita, five-year-old daughter Tulsi, and three-year-old son Jay. “Suffer unto … Read More