Yogananda with Group
Right Attitudes

Everyone is Important

I am a type of human actor necessary for the stage of your Creation. There is no one like me. I cannot play anyone else’s part, no matter how I may wish to. I must play my part assigned by You, Cosmic Stage Manager. I shed many a tear for what I could not be, but I wiped away my … Read More

Paramhansa Yogananda Holding Mangoes
How to be Happy

Creating Your Happiness

It is easier to spend than to earn. Also, it is harder to save than to earn. Most people spend thirty dollars a week when their income is only twenty. The extra ten dollars is acquired by borrowing, or by buying with promises to pay in the future, on installment plans and such systems. You must not always feel that … Read More

Paramhansa Yogananda at Howraj Station Kolkata
Right Attitudes


India is the epitome of the world in everything — a land of all kinds of climates, religions, commerce, arts, peoples, scenery, stages of civilization, and languages. Her civilization dates back many thousands of years. Her great seers, prophets, and rulers left records behind them that prove the great antiquity of the Aryan civilization in India. Many European travelers visit … Read More

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Right Attitudes

Do Not Judge Others

Your individual happiness depends to large extent upon protecting yourself and your family from the evil results of gossiping. See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil, think no evil, feel no evil. Most people can talk about other people for hours and thrive under the influence of gossip like the temporary influence of intoxicating poisonous wine. Isn’t it … Read More

Pune Devotees with Roberto at his Restaurant
Stories of Swami Kriyananda

Swami Kriyananda, Still Touching Hearts

“He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much.” — Luke 16:10 One of the most inspiring characteristics of Swami Kriyananda was his ability to be perfectly holy and perfectly appropriate in every situation he found himself in—whether he was giving a lecture in front of two thousand people, or talking to the clerk of … Read More

Light in Dark Clouds
Yoga Philosophy

What is the Purpose of Evil?

The following is a written record of the conversation between Yogananda and one of his disciples. “Master,” inquired a disciple, “what purpose does evil serve in God’s creation? Surely the Lord is a God of goodness and love. Is it possible that, as certain modern writers claim, He doesn’t know evil?” Sri Yogananda chuckled. “God would have to be very … Read More

Swami Kriyananda Greeting People

Spiritual Marriage

Master [Paramhansa Yogananda] continued his reminiscences of those years. “A student of this work in Boston told me he wanted to be a renunciate. I said to him, ‘Your path is marriage.’ “‘Oh, no!’ he vowed, ‘I’ll never marry!’ Well, a week later he met a beautiful girl and swore to me that he was deeply in love with her! … Read More

Yoga Philosophy

Developing Intuition: Balancing Reason and Feeling

Feminine nature represents feeling; masculine nature, reason. In women, feeling is generally uppermost, and reason, hidden. In men, the opposite is true: reason is generally uppermost, and feeling, hidden. We can bring these qualities into balance within ourselves, as well. This is indeed the ideal condition, and comes about naturally as a person develops spiritually. Calm feeling is intuition. The … Read More

Paramhansa Yogananda
Stories of the Masters

Silence is the Altar of Spirit

My first visit to Twenty-Nine Palms [Paramhansa Yogananda’s desert retreat in California] was for a weekend. We visited Master at his place. My first recollection of him on that occasion isn’t so much of the things he said, as of what he didn’t say. I didn’t know it at the time, but he placed great importance on silence. Disciples working around him … Read More

Swami Kriyananda in Suit in the Sixties
Success & Magnetism

How Much Wealth is Available?

Materialistic people often think not only of matter, but of energy, too, as a limited quantity. The truth is, however, that the more you use your energy, the more you’ll find that you generate energy. So many people think, “But I’ve got to save my strength.” They are wrong. Yes, of course we need rest, periodically. Yes, of course we … Read More

Paramhansa Yogannada During High School with Other Boys

God as Light

The Spirit was invisible, existing alone in the home of all space. He piped to Himself the ever-new, ever-entertaining song of perfect beatific bliss. As He sang through His voice of eternity to Himself, He wondered if aught but Himself were listening and enjoying His song. To His astonishment, He felt that He was also the cosmic song and He … Read More