This 4 Garpar Road home was all along well maintained by my father till he died in 1979. Guruji wrote on many occasions to my father to maintain the house properly. He wrote, “4 Garpar — My Place of Salvation where I found God.” Now it is my duty to look after this house and maintain it properly, and I am doing it to the best of my ability with the grace of God and Guru. I am also happy that all the devotees of Guruji love me, and that gives me the strength to receive the devotees who visit this home.

My son, Somnath, also is very keen to keep the house clean and suitable for all the devotees who come here. He is the one who took the dictation of the book Mejdafrom my father, and he wrote the manuscript of the book. He learned many things from my father and many facts about the history of this family. I always depend upon him with the repairing, maintenance, and painting of Guruji’s home, as he has a good knowledge to take care of an old house. This is a great blessing of Guruji. I feel very honored that he and my daughter-in-law, Sarita; granddaughters, Sudarshana and Sulagna; my daughter, Papia Bose; son-in-law, Somen Bose; my granddaughter, Sukanya Bose; and my sister, Shefali are all religious minded.

It was our long desire to visit the shrines of Guruji in America, but for so long it was not possible for us. Now this long desire is fulfilled as Sri Kriyananda, a direct disciple of Guruji and founder and spiritual director of Ananda Church of Self-Realization, invited me and my wife to visit America. He took us to America and Europe twice. We were his guests, and he took us to all the shrines of Guruji and did everything for our tour and travel in America and Europe. We also visited many Ananda branch colonies in different states and were happy to see the sincere devotion and love of Ananda devotees for Guruji and his family.

It is great to see that the lives of all the devotees are changed and all of us have peace of mind with the blessings of Guruji. I feel that Guruji is always with us, blessing and protecting us.