Though Guruji was a great soul and busy all the time, he was like a common man and very humourous. He loved children and mixed with all the people alike. He was an early riser. When every morning he used to see us, the children, at home sleeping late, he used to roll small pieces of paper and put those in our ears and noses to make us rise early. He used to say, “Get up! Get up children! You are sleeping so late in the morning. See the sun is above the sky, so get up quick!” Guruji used to enjoy doing all these things.

One day Guruji was invited by one of his devotees to take lunch in his house. Some of his relatives and devotees were also invited. The lunch was served and I was sitting just by Guruji’s side. Out of the several items of food on my plate, I kept one particular item which I thought of eating last, as it was especially delicious and tasty and a favorite of mine. Guruji was sitting on my left; I was eating and talking with a few devotees on my right.

Suddenly I found that particular item was missing from my plate. I was surprised and wondered where that item had gone. I looked at Guruji but he was quite normal and eating his food. Then again, after I was talking with devotees on my right, suddenly I found that item of food again on my plate like magic. I thought to myself and could not guess who might have taken it. After some time Guruji smiled and said, “Hare Krishna, you are talking too much with others. Why not talk with me?” Then I understood that Guruji had played this trick!

Another day as I was sitting by Guruji’s side with many devotees around, suddenly Guruji asked me, “Hare Krishna, you clasp your hands and grip your fingers and I will count from one to ten.” I was afraid! I wondered why Guruji was asking me alone to grip my fingers. What will he do to me? Anyway, with some courage, I gripped my fingers and Guruji counted from one to ten. Then Guruji said, “Now Hare Krishna, open your fingers and separate your hands.” To my surprise I at once separated my hands. All the devotees present there were surprised and looking at each other. They asked, “Guruji, why were Hare Krishna’s hands not locked? How is it?” Guruji smiled and said, “Hare Krishna is my brother’s son. How can I lock his hands?”