I heard from Anjali’s uncle and parents after our wedding that Anjali was pious and religious from childhood. She has also been greatly influenced by Guruji’s life and his blessings, although she never met him in person.

One day she had a vision: While passing through a field, she noticed a saintly person with saffron-coloured dress sitting under a tree, and saw many people standing in a queue to go to him. Anjali stood at the back of the line, but she was very impatient to go to him quickly and was looking at him, leaning out from the line. Guruji called to Anjali and said, “Hello, young lady, come here. Do you know me?” Anjali at once went to him and pronamed, touching his feet, and trying to introduce herself said, “You are my beloved uncle-in-law and Guru.” Guruji raised his hand and said, “I know everything — be a good wife to your family.”

Anjali meditates every day in Guruji’s attic room, and while meditating always feels that he is also there. After the meditation she sings a few devotional songs or bhajans. One evening while meditating and singing she had a clear vision of him in lotus posture, sitting on the right side space in that room. The vision lasted for a few seconds only but it was very real and has stayed with her always.