Today, June 29th, the monastery in Ananda India is entering a new phase in its development: six of the brahmacharis, plus Nayaswami Devarshi, have shifted to the city Khandala to start a monastery there. The new environment, and independence from any of the city centers, will help the brahmacharis live up to Swami Kriyananda’s ideals of the monastic life, with a strong focus on sadhana and study, as well as service to everyone as their own family.

This is an important step in the history of the monks of Ananda. Swami Kriyananda had often expressed a desire to have a strong environment where brahmacharis could, very focusedly, train in how to live a life for God alone. In our almost 60-year history, several attempts were made toward this end, but the time wasn’t yet ripe. Now, the opportunity finally has come.

In his last satsang as a resident of Pune city, Nayaswami Devarshi has explained beautifully the reasons behind this move:

We would like to offer the monks our heartfelt gratitude, best wishes and prayers for the success in their spiritual adventure. Our heart goes with you, and may you grow in joy and in freedom. Your depth of focus and dedication to God and Guru is a blessing to all of Ananda, and to the world!