Mumbai Center Inauguration Candle LightingAfter many years of regular classes and events in Mumbai, Ananda Sangha Mumbai finally inaugurated their new center this month on 18th September, 2018! Located in Khar West, this center is easily accessible to all and has a beautiful large open temple hall. There is also a second smaller class room and office on the side.

Nayaswamis Jyotish and Devi arrived in Mumbai to inaugurate and bless this new beginning, and the center already seemed too small for the over 120 beautifully dedicated devotees who helped set up the event!

Tyagis Shurjo and Narayani arrived in India in August to become the new center leaders of Ananda Mumbai. In less than a month, they and many of the core devotees transformed it into a very uplifting and beautiful center of light.

Nayaswami Jyotish began addressing the gathering by saying, “I want to thank you all for many, many years of dedication, and of love for God and sadhana – for all you have done in order to create the magnetism that has allowed this center to come into being.” He also shared how after so many years of outreach efforts in Mumbai, many thousands have taken various classes with Ananda Sangha, received Kriya initiation and this center now represents a soul call from so many devotees who have received so much and are now eager to serve, to give back and to share what they have received.

On visiting the center it is easy to see how it truly is the representation of the love and devotion shared by all the devotees in Mumbai. They now offer daily group meditations in the morning and evening during weekdays and Satsangs and special classes on weekends.

Ananda Mumbai DevoteesFor more information:

Phone Number: 81696 39790.

Ananda Mumbai Center Links Building, 2nd Floor,
Junction of 14th Road & Khar Pali Road,
Khar (W), Mumbai