One of the most important things on the spiritual path is attitude — first of all, that which we put out. Secondly, it’s the fruit of whatever good meditations we have. If we feel deep in our meditation and aren’t able to translate that peace into our daily life — in other words, if the practice of meditation doesn’t really make us more forgiving, doesn’t really make us more understanding — if it’s something purely private and internal, then we haven’t really achieved the reality that we are seeking. As I’ve often quoted Gyanamata as saying, “It is said that your religion is tested in the cold light of day.” It’s attitude. It is the fruit of right meditation. It’s also the groundwork of right meditation. Without right attitude, we can’t really begin to grow spiritually…. It’s absolutely essential to understand that the basic attitudes that are required to find God have their definite counterpart on the human plane.