Jesus was not given to us to symbolize an unattainable goal, but came as a living inspiration of what we all may successfully seek and achieve.Paramhansa Yogananda


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Revelations of Christ

Revelations of Christ

Jesus Christ was sent to earth to proclaim the Heavenly Father’s love for us all, and to awaken love for Him in our hearts. Science has shown us, however, a universe too vast to have been created by any human Father figure. Science’s view too, for all that, is limited. Whatever, or Whoever, brought everything into existence created also human beings with human feelings, and with individual appreciation for parental love, filial love, romantic and friendly love. If that Infinite One is omniscient, then He certainly knows our innermost feelings, no matter how often science, with its dry, factual outlook on reality, scoffs at the idea of a Being infinitely superior to the scientists themselves, far beyond their intellectual games, lambent with tenderest feelings of love for us all, unceasingly forgiving, and awaiting only our love in return to bring us back to Himself.