, 2 April 2017
Every Sunday at Ananda Sangha Bangalore we begin our day with morning meditation at 6:30AM. At 9:00AM we have Fire Ceremony followed by Purification Ceremony. Through these ceremonies we seek purification and ask God’s Grace to flow in our lives.

Sunday Satsang begins at 10:00AM with chanting and a short meditation. This is followed by Sunday discourse by Nayaswami Haridas and Nayaswami Roma to inspire us in our sadhana and help develop the right attitudes to meet the challenges in life and grow spiritually. Satsang ends with Aarti, Blessings and a wonderful spread of Prasad around 11:30AM.

Everyone is welcome. You can walk-in to attend all or any of these events every Sunday!

Note: Last Sunday of each month there is meditation exclusive for Kriyabans only from 8:00AM to 9:30AM