Paramhansa Yogananda at Niagara Falls

Magic Sea

For You alone can make a sea With eyes of blue and measureless deep; With transparent heart All hidden with endless mystery. With flying fish perching, On Your silver hair of surf dancing, Somber sea-gulls resting On Your rich watery tresses As the sun bestows its kisses And makes them shine. O Goddess, blue Brine, Intoxicating all votaries with Your … Read More

Paramhansa Yogannada During High School with Other Boys

God as Light

The Spirit was invisible, existing alone in the home of all space. He piped to Himself the ever-new, ever-entertaining song of perfect beatific bliss. As He sang through His voice of eternity to Himself, He wondered if aught but Himself were listening and enjoying His song. To His astonishment, He felt that He was also the cosmic song and He … Read More