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20 April 2014
This photo slideshow is set to a talk of Swamiji's that was played at his memorial service in 2013. It is an excerpt from the talk he gave on his 80th birthday (May, 2006).
20 January 2013
At the The Music Academy
19 January 2013
Swamiji answers questions over tea
8 December 2012
The standing-room-only crowd at the Good Shepherd auditorium received Swamiji joyfully and felt particularly touched by his performance of "Love is a Magician."
25 November 2012
At the Maharashtra Institute of Technology
17 November 2012
Bhaidas Hall in Vile Parle
23 October 2012
Satsang with a group of pilgrims from America
7 October 2012
Swamiji spoke about being dharmic above all else. Delivered at the City Club in DLF Phase V.