“The time has come for people to direct their spiritual awareness also downward into matter…to everything they do: their work, to education, to family life, to friendship, to their communications with strangers, to the way they build their homes — to all the most mundane, practical aspects of daily, human life.”
Swami Kriyananda

Young Woman Cleaning with Big SmileThe teachings of Ananda Sangha touch on every aspect of human life, and how to bring spiritual principles into every part of our lives. When we separate our meditation time from our so-called “worldly life,” we waste over 20 hours every day that can be spent in spiritual growth, service to other others, and God-reminding activity.

Swami Kriyananda’s life was dedicated to teaching people how to do this. He wrote over 150 books covering various topics:

Book Cover Self-Expansion Through Marriage
Book Cover Education for Life
Book Cover Cities of Light
Book Cover The Art of Supportive Leadership
Book Cover Material Success Through Yoga Principles

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