When this booklet was published, Meera Ghosh was one of the last living relatives of Paramhansa Yogananda who had personal contact with him. When Yogananda returned to India in 1935 – 6, one of the responsibilities that he assumed was to find a suitable wife for his nephew, Ramakrishna Ghosh, the only son of his deceased elder brother, Ananta. Meera is the one he chose to be the bride.

Today, Meera lives in a small home in Serampore, with her daughter, Krishna, and son, Durlav, and his wife and child. We first met her in 1990, when Harekrishna and Anjali Ghosh (Yogananda’s nephew and his wife), along with Devi and Hassi Mukherjee, took us to visit her. Since then, we have visited her each year on our pilgrimage to India. These visits have been among the highlights of our experiences in India. It has been deeply inspiring for us to spend time with one through whom so much of Yogananda’s spirit and blessings flow.

This little book is Meera Ghosh’s diary of her experiences with Yogananda, translated into English for our inspiration. We offer it to you in that same spirit.

Editor’s Note

Throughout the book, Meera refers to Yogananda in several different ways: as Master, Guruji, Gurudev, Swamiji, and Paramhansaji.


It is my pleasure and privilege to write down the memories of my association with my most respected guru, Paramhansa Yoganandaji.

—Smt. Meera Ghosh

“As I glance through the windows of my memories such phenomenal and memorable events appear with so much colour. In these moments of Joy, I venture to write my experiences so that all of you may know them now and also share the bliss of knowing the holy Swamiji.”