Small, intentional, cooperative communities are an obvious way of bringing about needed changes in the world. What is required is for a few people, only, to live sane, happy, and purposeful lives together.Swami Kriyananda



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Hope for a Better World

Hope for a better world

There is a natural longing in human nature for an ideal society. We see this longing expressed in the popularity of books through the ages that have depicted societies of peaceful, high-minded citizens living together in friendliness, cooperation, and harmony. The story of the Garden of Eden has ageless appeal. Indeed, the idea of a state where human perfection existed, and where all the people were honest, truthful, innocent, and kind carries almost the suggestion of a racial memory.

The purpose of this book is to help you to thread your way past errors that have to a great extent distracted people’s understanding. My aim is not to concentrate deeply on the problems (they are obvious enough!), but wherever possible to look for solutions. I hope, moreover, to offer real solutions, and not merely to nibble away with a few minor objections at the edges of each problem. I’d like, wherever opportunity opens the door, to propose sweeping answers.