Yogananda Last Smile
Health & Healing

Smile and Be Happy

Make your home a valley of smiles instead of a vale of tears. Smile now and never mind how hard it has been for you to do so. Smile now. All the time remember to SMILE NOW, and you will SMILE ALWAYS. Some people smile most of the time, while beneath the mask of laughter they hide a sorrow- corroded … Read More

Paramhansa Yogananda Last Smile

Smile Forever

Smile when the roses are budding; smile when the petals of pleasure are falling. Smile when vigor is throbbing in your breast; smile when you have dreaming wrinkles in your brow. Smile when the flowers of praise are showered over you, and smile when the world erects statues of you after you are gone; smile at those monuments of glory … Read More

Paramhansa Yogananda Holding Mangoes
How to be Happy

Creating Your Happiness

It is easier to spend than to earn. Also, it is harder to save than to earn. Most people spend thirty dollars a week when their income is only twenty. The extra ten dollars is acquired by borrowing, or by buying with promises to pay in the future, on installment plans and such systems. You must not always feel that … Read More