Decorative Lotus FlowersSupporting Members of Ananda India comprise those who have pledged to donate a certain amount each month to Ananda’s work in India.

Just as our monthly salary allows us to pay the monthly bills and plan our monthly expenses, the Ananda India Supporting Membership Programme provides a stable financial inflow that enables Ananda to sustain its outreach and ministries. A regular donation pledge benefits the participants as well. As we participate, we begin to see ourselves as a part of Yogananda’s large spiritual family, gradually expanding our sense of well-being to include a greater reality. Eventually our sympathies expand to encompass the whole of mankind, with whom we feel united in a spirit of Brotherhood. As our sympathies become universal, we tap into the Universal Source of Abundance, finding that we are always taken care of — whenever we need something, it is there.

Living in Abundance

A story from the life of Swami Kriyananda

Devotees Sitting Around Swami Kriyananda

The community where I live once held a rally during which everyone was asked to pledge varying amounts to beautify the “downtown” area, as we called it. They were asked to donate to specific projects: $100 for a tree, $25 for flowers for a flower-bed, and so on. One of the donations requested was $2,000 to improve the road. Looking at that sum, I thought, “No one will pledge such a large sum.” As it happened, I myself didn’t have any money for such a project. But I thought, “The roads do need improvement. So let me pledge that amount.” I had no idea where the money would come from.

Swami Kriyananda Performing an Aarthi

Beyond putting my pledge in an envelope, I said nothing about it to anyone. The payment on it was due in two weeks. A week later — I still had no idea where the money would come from — I awoke one morning to find an envelope under my door. It contained a letter from a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time, who wrote, “I was just visiting here. My mother died a few months ago, and I’ve been wanting to give you something in her name, and in gratitude for help that you’ve given me through the years.” Along with his letter was a check for $2,000.


Supporting Membership

The minimum suggested monthly offering for a Supporting Member is ₹ 1000.

If you are new to this practice, we invite you to become a supporting member of our work for a trial period of twelve months. And if you would like to take the next spiritually adventurous step, we encourage you consider Tithing.

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