The course is divided into four stages namely:

1. Introduction to Meditation

2. The Art and Science of Raja Yoga

3. Course in Discipleship

4. Preparation for Kriya Yoga.

It takes about nine months to complete these stages before you are ready for Kriya Yoga initiation.

The total course cost is Rs.4500 – Rs.500 for first stage, Rs.1000 for the second stage and Rs.1500 for the last two stages.

Nine months of preparation is required to learn five preparatory meditation techniques, and to establish a daily routine of practicing them. It is important to learn these techniques as Paramhansa Yogananda taught them.

The Course is designed for students who do not have access to an Ananda teaching centre. You should take the classes in person.

If you live in the Americas: please visit this website: If you live in Europe please visit this website for more information: click here. If you live in Africa or Asia, it is fine to take the Kriya Yoga Home Study course from Ananda India.
If you don’t mind waiting a few weeks, or whatever time it will take you to read the Autobiography of a Yogi, it would be a good idea to read it first. It will give you a clear picture of the philosophy of Paramhansa Yogananda. If you love reading, and feel that you simply can’t wait to learn to meditate, then it is okay to read the Autobiography of a Yogi simultaneously as you study the first course text book, Lessons in Meditation.
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