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Available now on the Google Playstore and App Store! 

✨ For Android phones/tablets: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ananda.music
✨ For iPhone/iPad: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/ananda-music/id1658814958?platform=iphone

You will get access to it for 60 day free of charge, afterward, there will be a yearly token amount charged which will help us improve the app and keep adding more music! Our hope is to add 1-2 new albums every month 🙏🏽🌷

About Ananda Music:

Ananda Music began in 1964 when Donald Walters (also known as Swami Kriyananda) was inspired to introduce a new kind of music to the world: music that expresses spiritual aspiration and a desire for a more meaningful way of life. This music is, as its purpose suggests, quite simple, yet beautiful.

Ananda Music has been performed in many countries, and has inspired many thousands of people with a new and more uplifted view of life itself. In some ways, it transcends even the best classical music of our culture, for it offers transcendent meaning, instead of only describing a graceful way of life.

At first, Walters wrote only songs with lyrics. Then he realized that words are not needed to express deep meaning. Thus, he has written instrumental works also: a piano sonata; a string quartet; and other, similar works.

It’s generally understood that music can have a powerful effect on mood and energy. It’s less well known that positive and uplifting music can affect consciousness itself in positive and uplifting ways. Ananda Music singers and musicians are dedicated to raising awareness–not only of the general need for positive and uplifting music in our troubled world–but of a specific body of music that was composed for the exact purpose of raising energy, uplifting consciousness, and helping people. That music is Ananda Music.