Ananda Corporate – Success and Joy! building enduring skills


  • Holistic employee wellness programs for body, mind and soul
  • Engage every heart and mind at work to deliver superior performance
  • A balanced and harmonious workforce that responds to challenges


  • Superior Concentration
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Focus on demand
  • Calm under pressure
  • Higher ownership and accountability
  • Happiness and Well being
  • Willing to go the extra mile
  • Leadership teams that foster engagement and a sense of belonging


  • Create an environment where people thrive and are able to find a deep meaning in their work
  • Find greater harmony in all spheres of life!

What’s in it for the participants:

  • Stay energized
  • Be happy & joyful
  • Remain calm
  • Work more efficiently
  • Take on more responsibilities
  • Harmonious relationships at work and home
  • Lead a stress free life
  • Superior decision making

What do we use and how will we succeed?

  • Simple, effective, time tested, practical tools and techniques
  • In addition to finding external solutions for a specific set of circumstances (which are ever changing) the practice of these techniques leads the participant to finding the right balance within (which never changes!).
  • Create resilience and inner strength which results in us responding from our calm centre rather than react tactically

workshop categories

1. “I want to Meditate”

A 2 class series in learning how to meditate and applying the learning in daily life in practical ways.

Session 1:

  • Meditation
  • What is/ is not meditation
  • The process of meditation
  • One powerful technique of meditation
  • Preparing for and meditating in class
  • QnA

Session 2:

  • Practical Application
  • Three ways you can apply meditation in your daily life in everything you do
  • QnA

2. Healthy Employee– Key to success!

Session1. Health and success – Overview
With two techniques for relaxing the body & two physical health tips and Q&A

Session2. Workspace Ergonomics
Musculoskeletal system: working with the body along with two more techniques for the body & two more health tips

Session3. Energy Boost
Heart & respiratory system: working with the energy along with breathing exercises and the right way to breathe and two physical health tips related to the heart

Session4. Build Concentration
Brain: The frontal lobe & limbic system reciprocity: working with the mind, about worry fast & magnetic mental diet

Session5. Attitude at work
Nervous system: Working with peace & calmness, posture to strengthen the nervous system, basic guided meditation & two health tips

Session 6. Health and Success – Summary + next steps
Endocrine system and/or immune system: Integrating the sessions into a wholesome lifestyle (summary of everything learned & practiced during previous sessions + way forward)

3. Building an Energized Workforce

Brief overview of the workshop series:

Session 1. Relaxation at work
Deep relaxation and the effects

Session 2. Concentration at work

Various ways of using the breath to help us in everything we do

Session 3. Boost your energy
Starting to consciously become aware of our energy, what influences it and how to gain control over it

Session 4. Focused Mind
Simple Mindfulness tools and its application

Session 5. Attitude at work
Tools to develop the right attitude for permanent success

Session 6. Harmony

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