You will find many inspiring talks given by Kriyananda on special events such as, Easter, Christmas, Yogananda’s birthday and more.

An excerpt from a talk by Swami Kriyananda on Yogananda’s birthday in 1982. There’s so much about the spiritual path that can’t be put into words. Yogananda wasn’t just an ambassador. He came to bring us the joy of the spiritual path and the joy of inner communion.

In the last analysis, there is only one thing that matters and that is that we love God, that we humbly seek Him and all else is in a sense, marking time, it really is.

This was a part of the message of Yogananda’s life. He didn’t come, as many saints do, to teach his disciples only to go off into seclusion and meditate, only to practice japa, only to be withdrawn from everything external, but rather, he taught us to feel the joy of God in everything that we have to do. His life was, and our life is full of activity, and if we can feel God’s presence in every moment of activity, we will achieve the true happiness we are seeking.

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