New Year’s Eve – 12/31/79

The New Year’s Eve ceremony 1979 began by Kriyananda addressing the Ananda Village community describing his observations during his U.S. teaching tours on superconscious living, meditation and kriya yoga.

He mentions two resolutions for the New Year:
1. Seek God more and more deeply.
2. Live and serve with the consciousness that you
are an instrument of the Light to other people.

Kriyananda ends by playing the gong to ring in the New Year as was Yogananda’s tradition on New Year’s Eve. Kriyananda suggested to tune into the sound of Aum from the gong, take it inside, and feel that it is attuning you to the cosmic sound.

The original recording needed a lot of work to improve the overall sound. We did our best but you may want to turn the volume down when the gong is played. The type of gong they had in 1979 was not top quality and the sound distorts.