Talks to Deepen and Inspire Your Kriya Practice

The talks below include Kriya Retreats, Satsangs, and Initiations given by Swami Kriyananda. They are an invaluable resource for all Ananda Sangha Kriyabans. Listening to them will not only inspire your Kriya practice, but can have the power to transform your whole consciousness.

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Kriya Classes and Retreats

To All Those Who Received Him – 1990s
Kriya initiation is a doorway to receiving divine grace. Kriyananda quotes passages in the Bible that metaphysically refer to the practice of kriya.

Kriya Yoga for Awakening Divine Bliss: One & Two2002
Kriyananda explains how the practice of kriya yoga takes us back to our center and closer to our original state of bliss and also talks about doing kriya with concentration.

The Art and Science of Kriya: One & Two
Two points in this talk include kriya yoga as the science of self-revelation and how to instill your kriya practice with dynamic energy. Specific techniques are not explained at length, but techniques are mentioned.

Kriya & the Essence of Yoga
This one of the best talks we have with a broad overview of kriya as a way of life, not just a technique. Specific techniques are not explained. Geared toward kriyabans.

Kriya Yoga & Attunement to Natural Realities
Kriya is not a system of beliefs, it’s a discovery. Do kriya with concentration, faith and a sense of devotion on the altar of the spine then offer yourself at the spiritual eye.

The Evolution of World Religions
This talk is a discussion of how the various spiritual paths and teachers over time have woven together. Yogananda had an expansive perspective on the unity of all religions. Specific techniques are not explained. Geared toward kriyabans.

Importance of the Kriya FamilyJune 1990
Swami talks about the central aspects of kriya. Those who practice kriya form a very important and supportive community. He talks about upward and downward movement of energy, living from your center and controlling the reactive process.

Kriya Practice Overview — June 1990
Swami begins the talk with a discussion of how kriya can create individual and societal harmony. He gives a thorough review of kriya practices – how, when and why we do them. He describes how to individualize your practice.

Direct Energy Upward & Love God — June 1990
Swami discusses passages from the Bible and how they apply to Kriya. He explains that “Love God with all your heart” means to withdraw your energy inward and upward and love God 100%, without distraction.


Kriya Initiations

Kriya Practice with Magnetism & Devotion — July 8, 1983
One of the best and most comprehensive kriya initiation recordings by Swami Kriyananda. He explains how to remain centered in the spine for Kriya practice and daily life.

Even a Little Practice — 1980s
Kriya practice creates a strong, positive magnetic flow of energy that offsets negative energy. Kriya practice can set up an entirely new karmic pattern in your life.

Kriya Yoga Technique: Parts One & Two — 1980s
One of the best and most comprehensive kriya initiation recordings by Swami Kriyananda. He explains how to remain centered in the spine for Kriya practice and daily life.

Kriya: Shift in Consciousness June 1984
Kriya practice brings us true experience vs. mere ritual or belief. When you practice deeply in the spine you begin to feel a very real shift in consciousness.

Kriya for Enlightenment December 1981
Kriya yoga is the inward ritual of enlightenment. We need to awaken the energy in the spine and direct it toward the brain.

The Flow of Kriya 1980s
The currents in the spine are like a river. Kriya clears away obstructions in the river.

Kriya & Positive MagnetismFebruary 1983
Kriya creates positive magnetism and burns up karma. Practice with devotion and use your will-power and have an attitude of willingness.

Kriya & Oneness with GodMarch 1986
Only by offering yourself to the Infinite, can you become Infinite. Do kriya with devotion and attention.

Kriya: The Universal Technique — June 1983
Kriya is ancient and comes to us through this specific line of gurus. Lahiri said to solve all your problems with Kriya.

Path to Divine Union July 1984
The nature of the ego is to go outward, but Kriya helps us turn inward raise our energy upward toward spiritual fulfillment. Kriyananda explains how divine union is achieved with Kriya practice.

Kriya: Inward Science1996
This is a recording of the first Kriya initiation talk in Italy. Kriya is a science to show us how to go inward. Practice Kriya with the type of deep love you find in the saints.

Kriya as a Way of LifeMarch 1983
The practice of Kriya is not only the technique, it is part of your daily life. The inward techniques we practice bring energy upward and radiate out. Kriya is central to our whole being.

Kriya Through the AgesFebruary 1983
Kriya Yoga is a central technique. The energy of Kriya is the very essence of who we are as human beings. This technique has been passed down through the ages and across all cultures.