Krishna Janmashtami Celebration

Join us for a devotional evening of chanting, inspiring stories and meditation on Krishna, inviting his presence deeply in our life on this auspicious day of his birth.

7-9 pm, Saturday, 24 Aug

Venue: C-403, Sharnam Apt-3, Opp Titanium City Center Mall, Ahmedabad

All are welcome


Group Meditation

Group Meditating

If you have learned meditation from us, now you can join us for evening group meditation.

Often its hard to meditate at home with so many distractions. Our center can provide a space free from these distractions and can also provide a group support since its difficult to meditate alone many times.

Yogananda ji writes: “Individual and group meditation both are necessary. The former recharges the Soul with God; the latter recharges the mind with the good vibrations of the Spiritual convictions of other Souls. The energy of a group meditation often helps you to meditate longer than you would ordinarily be able to on your own.”

Time & Date: Every Wednesday Evening 7.00-8.30 pm
Starts sharp 7 pm. Please come on time. You can leave at 8 pm when Aum is chanted once, or stay till 8.30 pm.

Venue: C-403, Sharnam Apt-3, Opp Titanium City Center Mall, Ahmedabad
Call: 74360-02086 / 90996-97756

All the students who have taken classes from us are welcome. Free of Charge.

Note: This is not a meditation learning class and meditation is not guided. Its only a practice session.


Discipleship & Aum Technique

For those of you who have finished our Deepening Meditation (second level) class series, soon we will begin this third series of classes. In this series we will cover:

~ Importance of a Guru,
~ Role of a disciple,
~ Guru-Disciple relationship,
~ Attunement, Service, Devotion,
~ Right attitudes on spiritual path,
~ Aum technique of Meditation
~ Discipleship initiation

Date: Sundays 25 Aug, 8 & 22 Sep, 6 & 20 Oct
Time: 11.30 am -1.30 pm
Fee: Rs 2000 (includes 2 course books worth Rs 570)

Venue: C-403, Sharnam Apt-3, Opp Titanium City Center Mall, Ahmedabad


How to Meditate

Group Meditating

Learn a simple, yet powerful technique of meditation.

In this class you will learn how to:

  • Relax, concentrate, and energize the body and mind
  • Feel happier, more relaxed and at peace with yourself
  • Improve your health, mental clarity and vitality
  • Develop a more intuitive, heart-centered way of life
  • Discover and explore your inner spiritual nature

Time & Date: TBA

Venue: C-403, Sharnam Apt-3, Opp Titanium City Center Mall, Ahmedabad

Fee: TBA (includes course material)
Call: 74360-02086 / 90996-97756

Note: If you have attended this class with us earlier, you can reattend to refresh the techniques at no charges. Class is free for you.

Limited Seats

Coming Soon

Sunday Satsang

10.00-11.30 am
Join us for Chanting, meditation, affirmation and inspirational discussion on Bhagwad Gita.

All are Welcome

Next Satsang Dates: 18 Aug, 1 Sep

Contact Information

C-403, Sharanam Apartments 3,
Prahladnagar, Shyamal Crossroads,
Near Seema Hall

Tel: +91 90996-97756 / 74360-02086
Email: ahmedabad@anandaindia.org

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