How to Know God – 6/5/84

How to Know God – 6/5/84 – when we put God first, everything flows in a natural way. Try to be continually inspired spiritually. Even if you do repetitive tasks, do them as if you’ve never done them before, with ever new joy.

God is the answer to any problem, everything can be resolved in God.

We live in a time when we tend to focus on the negative rather than the positive, what went wrong vs. what went right.

Love of God is the most important thing in religion, business and in every aspect of life.

We can only change when we offer ourselves up into the Light.

There are two sides to religion, the outer – such as rituals, and the inner – such as inner communion with God.

Study the saints, those who have manifested the presence of God in their lives. Don’t overlook the most recent representatives, because some of them represent the same truth now, as the saints of more ancient times did.

The second coming of Christ can be known by our own inner experience of His presence.