The talks in this category will inspire you to keep moving toward your highest goals. Two helpful qualities that can lead you forward on the spiritual path are devotion and perserverance.

Devotion and attentiveness are qualities that help us go forward on the path. The “oil and fire” of devotion give us the power to go deep enough in meditation to experience the presence of God, who is love itself.

To persevere on the spiritual path, it’s also necessary not be too goal-oriented. The spiritual path is not like a hike on a sunny morning where you can reach your goal quickly and easily. It’s a long trek, akin to walking across the country.

You don’t know when you’re going to reach the coast, only that you must keep going day after day. While keeping the goal in mind, you don’t want to hold overly optimistic expectations that could cause you to lose heart when what’s needed, is more perseverance.

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