Aspects of Healing – 6/18/83

Aspects of Healing –  a discussion of the subtle and universal principles behind healing of body, mind and soul.

In the beginning Kriyananda describes the development of the age of energy. Science has discovered that matter is really only a manifestation of energy. Matter doesn’t exist except as energy in a particular state of vibration.

Certain cultures have gotten away from more natural ways of living, so that they don’t know how to find peace of mind or how to be truly happy. Attitudes have a great deal to do with health and disease.

The highest healing of all is the healing of our ignorance of who we really are – children of God.


A separate MP3 of a song goes along with this talk. Kriyananda had just composed the song “Channels.” He asked the singers to practice the song for the first time, during the talk. They came out at the end of the talk and sang it – the first public performance. They had seen the music before this talk for the first time.