Attunement – Circa 1980

Attunement – key to a peaceful and happy life

Kriyananda recorded the Pathways to Superconsciousness radio shows in the 1980’s. There was a different topic for each week. The subject of attunement spans many aspects of the spiritual life.

When you want to tune into highest guidance, wisdom and inspiration, still your thoughts completely in mediation. Call on the still voice within.

When talking to others, listen to what their soul is trying to say through their words. Listen to the God in them.

When people disagree, it is because they haven’t yet touched on that one point that they have in common and work outward from there.

Exercise in becoming centered: Feel yourself centered in the spine. Do deep and slow breathing and feel the inhale being brought up from the base of the spine to the point between the eyebrows. Then exhale and draw the energy down.