The science of yoga was born in an age when mankind as a whole was more enlightened.

Truth is not something to be built up from generation to generation, like money in a bank. It is not dependent on an acquisition of outward knowledge.

Truth is eternal. Man can perceive it, he cannot create it.

Here is an excerpt from the talk The Essence of Yoga 8/11/81
The essence of Yoga can be thought of in two basic steps. 1. to be able to take you where you are and lead you forward from that point, and 2. consider the our ultimate goal in life, where we are headed.

As you develop through whatever point you’re on right now, there is a direction to your development which is Universal. We all have to go in basically that same direction if we are to grow. And in this way, the relativity of values in no way discounts the Universality of values.

They are universal for everybody at a particular stage, and then as they develop as they refine their nature, everybody advances further and further toward an understanding that he isn’t the ego, that he isn’t just the body, that he is that essence that survives death, that goes on for eternity.

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