Experience: The Basis of Religion – 8/21/90

Experience: The Basis of Religion – the world is on the eve of a radical change in religion.

People want proof based on experience of the teachings.

We can never know truth with the mind – we must experience it in our lives and in our hearts. 

This talk is a classic and describes what the future of religion can be, based on direct experience of God vs. dogmas.

Kriyananda gave this talk at Spiritual Renewal Week 1990.

In Memorium
The 1990 Spiritual Renewal class recordings pay tribute to our dear friend Lorne Dekun (deceased). He was greatly inspired by the content in these classes and urged us to offer them to everyone. Lorne studied with Oliver Black and Swami Kriyananda and moved to Michigan in 1999 to give classes on the teachings of self-realization, teach yoga postures and start meditation groups and centers in Lansing and Detroit. We pay tribute to Lorne and also to his wife Judy and the many great souls who continue to expand the work in Michigan.