Kriyananda presents many helpful concepts about stress, including the fact that relaxing or avoiding issues is NOT the way to reduce stress. We must raise our energy beyond thoughts of the stress itself. The stressors may not go away, but our attitude can change.

We can focus our energy toward connecting to the divine within, in the face of obstacles or stress. We will then be receptive to guidance that will help us reduce the stress and prevent future stress.

In one of the talks in this folder Kriyananda says, ‘learn to have faith in God and in ourselves. Have courage, have faith, have love. Live in the thought that God is with you now. And learn also, not to avoid duties, not to avoid conflict, not to avoid the stresses of life, but to handle them is such a way that you are always centered and not battered by them. You can be centered in yourself and act selectively, saying ‘I’ll so this now and I’ll do the other when I can,’ and not trying to fight all your battles at once. Stay as centered and relaxed in yourself as you can be.’

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