How to Meditate Volumes One & Two – 3/2 & 3/1979

How to Meditate – meditation is the art of knowing who and what you really are.

Volume One

  • how to approach God in meditation.
  • right attitude is very important
  • it’s good to consider meditation the central part of your lifestyle
  • the world is always trying to take you away from your center and meditation
  • gyana yoga, bhakti yoga, and karma yoga
  • try to give up attachments and desires
  • cultivate a flow of love in the heart
  • Patanjali’s eight-fold path
  • Volume Two
  • learn to accept reality as it is
  • contentment is the greatest of all virtues
  • live in the here and now, not in the past or the future
  • how to develop a strong habit for meditation
  • when you are in the company of a saint you have more faith in your own goodness