Named after Yogi Matsyendra, Ardha Matsyendrasana has remained one of my favorite postures from the day I first did it. Though I found it a bit difficult in the beginning to turn my neck completely and feel the opening of the heart, time and repeated practice led to the smooth turning of lumbar, thoracic and cervical spines.

Also, practicing warm-ups, stretches and other asanas aided equally well in being able to turn and sit cross legged during ArdhaMatsyendrasana enabling me to feel effects of the asana. Though it primarily focuses on the heart chakra, while practicing it, I could feel energy rising up in the entire body as all the body parts – legs, arms, shoulders, torso, spine and neck remain quite active yet calm in the asana and some of them even help lead into the asana.

 There’s a sweet and deep smile that comes to the face while completely relaxing into the posture and feeling the affirmation – “I radiate Love and Goodwill to Soul-friends everywhere!” It makes one feel forget past quarrels and reminds one of qualities of forgiveness, sympathy, understanding, oneness with all and peace. One can instantly feel the upliftment of the mood and shifting of energy from low to high. It makes one feel Iike encompassing all individuals in the bliss which is felt at that moment and sharing the joy with others either by teaching or mentally sharing blessings with all.

It slows down internal activity of organs and makes them rest for a moment, so that one feels calm and still. On the outside, there seems to be a lot of twisting, turning and activity, but on the inside, everything is still as if nothing is moving. I could feel complete energization of the spine at once since all three parts of the spine are twisted to the best possible extent, as if some nectar is being squeezed out of the spine and spreading into rest of the body. I could also feel involvement of all the body parts as all of them have some or the other role to play in the asana. Hence, this asana energizes the complete body.


Priyanka Gupta.

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