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Superconscious Living – get into your own center and see other people and any situation from that center. Try to see God in other people.

The magnetism of a great saint or master will help you to get in touch with your own super consciousness. It will magnetize you. You can pray to great teachers and ask them to help you find answers in times of need.

A great teacher can give you the power to help yourself.

We have a great deal of energy, but most of the time it is blocked by negative thoughts. You can say ‘I want to do it, but oh, no, I can’t do it.’ If you can get rid of all the negative thoughts, you will find you do have the energy to accomplish what you want to do.

Have positive expectations. You are a part o

f divine energy. Get yourself in tune with that and you will have more energy.

The center of your ego is in the medulla oblangata. Your divine center is in your heart.

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